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Tech Being Developed in Plumbing Industry

Posted on January 25, 2019 in Blogging

Most people don’t think plumbers use much technology, but plumbers know that using tech can make their job easier. It can offer customers better services and products, get jobs done quicker and helping to the fleet for efficiently. Technology has continued to grow every industry, whether you run a plumbing business that is focused on drain cleaning services or a tech company who makes outsourcing a priority.

Here are some of the latest tech trends developing among the plumbing industry:

Green Living

Green living initially only had a small fan club, but now it has grown significantly. Nearly half of customers that are buying plumbing goods are asking for green products for their plumbing and drainage systems. By adding green products to the plumbing business it is not only a good idea for the customers but also for your own business growth. Technology can help when it comes to dishwashers. Dishwashers now have a function on them that lets you use the rinse water for the next wash cycle, therefore, saving water and money. Sprinklers that work in cooperation with weather reports can also help save water. By having your sprinklers linked to weather reports you can avoid having your sprinklers waste water when nature is providing moisture to your garden itself via a shower. This helps not only customers but also plumbers. With all these new tech items in high demand it may mean more work for plumbers, but it adds exciting new challenges to the industry.

Efficient Services

With the tech advancements, it has made plumbers more efficient at the job they have to undertake. What was once a challenging job such as inspecting sewer pipes now means they can inspect drains with inspection equipment like a drain camera to find the damage in the pipe. Plumbers are able to use trenchless methods to repair, so they don’t have to dig up the yard to repair damaged pipes or install new ones. Homeowners are not left with a yard to repair, and plumbers can offer more in-demand and effective services. It may cost more but in the long run will pay off for the investment.

Shower technology is making everyone’s homes more comfortable. There are high-tech faucets and shower-heads that can give customers spa-like experiences and are easier for plumbers to install meaning they can get a few more jobs done within the one day.

Technology Streamlining the Fleet

Plumbing companies have a fleet of vehicles that deliver services to the clients. By using the latest tech, it can make managing vehicles more efficient. GPS tracking allows a dispatcher to locate vehicles and the best route for them to take. This avoids poorly taken routes that only waste time and fuel. It can track who is using the vehicles for personal use instead of work, so you are able to hold those accountable. By using GPS, routing means that plumbers are arriving on time to customer’s homes and businesses this keeps not only the customer happy but the boss as there won’t be any negative calls about late or poor services.

Technology is really improving the work of plumbers and making their jobs easier. Tech is changing the world of plumbing, and with tech growing rapidly there will be even more tech gadgets developed for the plumbing industry that will only benefit both the business and the customers.

Some benefits within the plumbing service and technology are quick service delivery, lasting solutions, and sustainable service and lower charging fees. With technology, the job is quicker, therefore, you will see a less expensive bill and a more rewarding outcome.