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A Cake Walk through an Affordable Renovation

Posted on April 3, 2019 in Blogging

Whether you are bored with your house, the interiors are too outdated, or you wish to increase the investment value of your home by remodelling; renovation can be an expensive affair. Rejuvenating your house without breaking bank may be difficult but here are some DIY ideas that may just come to your rescue.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

You can reduce the material required by reusing the existing materials. You can refurbish old cabinets and drawers to give them a new look. You can replace existing closets and wardrobes by exchanging them and getting a lower rate for your more modern cupboards and wardrobes. Unless the kitchen equipments are not working, it is better to simply give them to a local dealer for a quick oiling/ cleaning and maintenance check, as opposed to buying wholly new equipment. And don’t forget to do your bit for the environment. Rather than simply dumping waste material, recycle them!

Shop till you drop

Salvage yards, garage sales and flea markets are the best places to find both quirky and cheap stuff. They may be in used/ second-hand conditions, but you save not only money but also find some interesting stuff. However, be wary and be careful. Make sure that whatever you buy is in excellent, tip-top condition. IKEA is another good option for purchasing and setting up your own furniture. These sources either conduct cheap delivery services by themselves or you may also resort to hiring low loaders that can get these items delivered to you conforming to economic prices.


Paint your walls. Choose from pale colours that will best reflect the sunlight coming in through your windows to bright colours for that corner room with no natural light. Painting is an exercise that can be tackled by anyone over a weekend. Call your friends and family for help and support their enthusiasm with good food and beer!

Ceiling fans

Air conditioners are not only unhealthy for the environment but also for your electricity bill. Choose to install ceiling fans which keep you fresh in summer with steady air-flow without having to keep your air conditioner switched on the entire day.

Curtains, bedsheets and more

Use your stitching skills to turn an old bedsheet into a table cloth, curtains into, and you can make your own pillow by stuffing cotton inside. You can save by making your own cushions and head-rests by reusing old curtains and bedsheets instead of buying new ones and throwing the old away.

Planters and terrariums

Throwing away plastic boxes or broken glass containers? Why not turn them into planters and make your own terrariums? With some instruction and video-lessons, you can make your own terrariums and jazz up your house! Not only do you not spend on décor, but you can also grow small house-plants that bring some green inside. If your kitchen window receives moderate sunlight, you can plant your own, small herb-garden. You save money in herbs, and your kitchen looks bright and smells nice.

Cement, cement and more cement!

It is understandable that some may resort to the option of hiring crane services that work on the foundation of your home or any other mixing work if required. But now that the concern is only renovating an existing layout, you can make your pots, candle-holders, home décor items and even chairs/ stools using cement. It may not come out perfect, but it will certainly add depth and character to your house. And you save money. You can make molds from blueprints of your own hands and even something like a waste carton. Some paint and voila! Your beautiful, self-made décor is ready!

In the beginning, DIY can be intimidating, and you may feel that it is beyond your skill-set. However, you can start with smaller projects and build up your experience and skills. While DIY may not give your house that perfect, professional finish; it will undoubtedly give you the satisfaction of having your hand-made stuff in the house, your personal touch that makes the house, yours. YouTube is one of the best places to get really good video-instructions. So roll up your sleeves and start working!