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How To Get Your Dream Internship 2020

Posted on July 24, 2020 in Blogging Far Away News

Students coming out of a university degree know that to get into their dream career, they will need to get a foot into the door of that industry which can be done via an internship.
Preferably you want to go for exciting student internships that can show your employer that you are capable of doing what is asked of you. There is no better way to achieve such a thing than landing that dream internship.

Now how exactly do you do that?

Make a list of all the employers

You need to be creating a list of about ten employers that interest you and that are offering a program that is suited to what you are looking for. Next, you want to be researching the companies and making sure you know everything there is to know about the company and the employer. Think about following their social media accounts but only those that are connected to the company. Make sure you know everything about the company culture, which is very important to employers.

Have the best resume

Did you know that you are judged on the basis of your resume? You need to ensure that your resume has been looked over by a professional or a career services office at your campus. You want an effective resume which will convey your skills and explain to the company why you are the perfect intern for the job. A stellar resume needs to include credentials that others might not have. You could consider joining a professional association or even a school club. A great resource for proof-reading your writing is this free online writing assistant Grammarly.

Building the connections

Make contacts with different organisations and members of the industry, so you can gain insight and advice on how to get your foot inside their doors. Suppose you haven’t already considered joining Linkedin, it can give you a massive boost in helping you to connect with those who are working at the companies you’re interested in. You will find that most campuses will have networking events and different career fairs so be sure to keep an eye out for these. Attending these are a way to build relationships with recruiters and even potential employers. With the current climate of lockdowns due to COVID-19, you may find attending remote internships as a more viable option as well. Remember, the more people that you connect with, the more chances you will have to get referred for job openings.

Nailing your interview

If you have completed some or all of the steps above, you will then need to get an interview with some recruiters. You need to treat your interview like a first date; Make sure you dress and look your best to make a good impression. Professionally present yourself and take a series of questions with you to ask the interviewer and to show them you have plenty of interest in the company. Many school campuses will offer what is called a mock interview to help you build confidence, understand how the interview plays out and to test whether you are ready or there are pots you need to work on.

There is one step that is most important, and that is to accept the internship. Once you have done your research and are sure that the particular internship is right for you, getting the internship is a piece of cake. Internships are the best way to build opportunities and to learn more about the industry to work towards a higher goal within that career. When you are looking for work, having an internship on your resume will help to seal the deal alone.