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How to Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation

Posted on September 30, 2019 in Blogging

Are you preparing for a kitchen renovation project? Usually, remodelling processes require planning, consultations, and expenses. Depending on the scope of your kitchen renovation project, it might be an overwhelming experience. Therefore it is better to have a plan before knocking the old walls or using kitchen design elements. The homeowner’s contractors should ensure safety during the process. Let’s share some tips that will make a smooth renovation project.

Hire a Consultant

Every project needs to be expressed on paper with images and dimensions. Since it’s a technical process, you’ll need to consult with the right contractors. Usually, consulting engineers work with designers and other contractors during renovation projects. You might not be able to afford the services of contractors that handle commercial projects. However, there are experts for kitchen renovation projects. Their services include conceptualisation of designs, type of material, budget, and timeline for completion.

Do your research and look into many different options before beginning. See what sort of consultant it is you are looking for; you might already have a handyman in the family who has the building elements covered, so you might just want help with the design aspect, so in this case, you may just want to hire an interior stylist to help you.

Clear the Area before a Renovation

Before the remodelling project, every item in the kitchen needs to be kept in a safe place. As clients clear their kitchen space, they should create a pathway to move in building supplies. During the renovation, it’s better for occupants’ elevator if they live a high-rise building. Generally, access to the construction areas should be free from hazards. Remove glassware, storage containers, and kitchen. Fragile appliances like mirrors, tea kettles, microwave, coffee maker, and cooking utensils should be set aside with care. You may need some help actioning this; get some family members or friends who are free and happy to help you clear some room for the renovations to take place.

Sort Your Kitchen Accessories

Use a checklist to organise your kitchen accessories. During the remodelling project, you might need to upgrade or buy new fixtures and appliances. It makes life easy when a project is organised. With a checklist that indicates what you don’t use anymore; homeowners can sort items that need to stay in the bin. While old kitchen fixtures like cabinet can be upgraded, homeowners should consider garage sales or donate some items to charity. Also, unusable items can be sent to the scrap yard. 

If you are upgrading due to your new kitchen transform into a completely different style to what it previously was, you can get great inspiration for beach style homewares (if you have decided to go with a modern coastal theme) on Pinterest and Instagram. These platforms great to give you an insight into what other people are using and what the latest trends are within your chosen style.

Preserve Food for a Long Period

Kitchen renovation project clients might not have access to the regular place for meal preparation for an extended period. They should plan make-shift kitchens, and get small stove-top burners. The microwave oven will be a significant appliance during this period. Prepare large portions of different meals, and keep them in the refrigerator. Freezing is an ideal way of preserving perishable foods. For the non-perishable food items, a small cabinet with doors can help to maintain these items. Any good interior designer from Sydney or Melbourne will ensure that if they are on your renovation/design team, this will be one of the tips they will let you in on. You don’t want to left without any food, that’s for sure!

Hygiene is Key

Don’t forget your utensils and cutlery too. Get plastic storage bags to keep knives, plates, forks, and spoons from dirt. When contractors knock down old kitchen walls, the process creates dust. Usually, particles of dust from concrete materials affect the quality of air. These particles can settle on cooking utensils that are not protected. However, it’s essential to promote hygiene and cover unused cutleries, plates, and cups. Additionally, you should seal other items with protective plastic sheets.

Take Some Leave Of Absence

Clients need to inspect and get updates on the progress of work. However, they might not be comfortable with the noise from demolition and installation tools. It could be a perfect opportunity to consider a vacation. While homeowners might schedule business trips, they can also stay close to their homes during this period. Staying out of the house during the kitchen remodelling project can save everyone from stress.

Prepare For a Period of Inconvenience

Usually, kitchen remodelling projects often come with inconveniences. So, preparing your mind for a sparkling new kitchen can ease up the stress. During this period, you might have the chance to visit your relatives in another neighbourhood and enjoy home-cooked meals.