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Mental Health Benefits- Well-Decorated Home

Posted on March 27, 2019 in Far Away News

Decorating a home for most people is considered as a luxury or a last resort after all the other needs have been taken care of. Believe it or not, a well-decorated home can impact greatly on your psychological well-being. Picture this scenario, a house that has not been painted and a house that has been painted and well-furnished. You would definitely go for the painted house, the luxury being part of the reason, but also because of the jovial mood it brings to you as you walk in or do your errands. Starting from getting your new home through an online or physical property sale, to your house being your safe haven in a completely set up environment, there are plenty of factors to consider in terms of staying in your home for the long term. What are some of the benefits that a nicely-painted house will have on your mental welfare?

  1. Wonderful Stress Reliever

Having a rough day and a feeling that nothing is working for you can have a negative toll on you and leave you definitely stresses. Walking into a nicely furnished, colorful and tidy house will definitely uplift your moods when you are feeling low or stressful. A study done on women in 2009 by Darby and Rena indicated that women whose houses were not beautiful, or tidy had a lot of stress and unhappiness. On the contrary, happy women had nicely decorated and clean houses. Having this jovial mood all the time also made them very healthy and enthusiastic.

  1. Excellent Avenue for Meditation

In a well-orchestrated scenery and place, your thoughts and feelings can roam wild to help you make sound decisions or come up with wonderful ideas that will ultimately lead to your development and ideas. A well-decorated house has this effect on an individual. In a blog post by Leo Babauta, Mindful Simplicity, the concept of focus and concentration in a clean and beautiful environment has been well-expounded on to show just how much effect a wonderful scenery has on an individual’s mindset.

  1. Increased Productivity

According to a Princeton study by McMain S. and Kastner S. on the study of how the human mentality is wired, they realized that the focus of the human brain is boosted in a clean and calm environment. This is no different from the case at home. Having a well-decorated house can have a great effect on your productivity since you will not focus on the dullness of the colors or the dirt in the house. You will realize that you probably work best and give excellent output when in beautiful and supportive scenery, such as a wonderful and neat house.

  1. Gratified Social Confidence

There have been times where the home owner goes ahead and puts up the “property for sale” board in front of their houses when they just don’t like the vibe they get from the home. Why? A simple revamping and beautification of your rooms can be the answer to your problems. When you have a wonderful house with an excellent mix of colors to give a joyful mood, you will often have people over for lunch, parties, book clubs and so on. This will boost your social interaction skills and will ensure you have a nice repo with friends, thus boosting your confidence in return. Having a great house also reduces the anxiety of having people visit you for the first time. It may be a bit stressful at times creating a first impression to people around your circle or new friends, you are dying to have. A nicely decorated house will have you covered and this confidence you gain after having them over will surely be translated even outside your home. You will definitely be the buzz of the town! Don’t like the vibe or the feeling your house gives you? Revamp today!

Creativity and self-belief are sparked by a well-decorated home since you will have the time and the enabling environment to channel your thoughts towards what you are aspiring to do in the long run. These reasons will definitely make you consider decorating your house as a priority and not as a last resort as you had intended to!