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Mental Health Benefits- Well-Decorated Home

Posted on March 27, 2019 in Far Away News

Decorating a home for most people is considered as a luxury or a last resort after all the other needs have been taken care of. Believe it or not, a well-decorated home can impact greatly on your psychological well-being. Picture this scenario, a house that has not been painted and a house that has been painted and well-furnished. You would definitely go for the painted house, the luxury being part of the reason, but also because of the jovial mood it brings to you as you walk in or do your errands. Starting from getting your new home through an online or physical property sale, to your house being your safe haven in a completely set up environment, there are plenty of factors to consider in terms of staying in your home for the long term. What are some of the benefits that a nicely-painted house will have on your mental welfare?

  1. Wonderful Stress Reliever

Having a rough day and a feeling that nothing is working for you can have a negative toll on you and leave you definitely stresses. Walking into a nicely furnished, colorful and tidy house will definitely uplift your moods when you are feeling low or stressful. A study done on women in 2009 by Darby and Rena indicated that women whose houses were not beautiful, or tidy had a lot of stress and unhappiness. On the contrary, happy women had nicely decorated and clean houses. Having this jovial mood all the time also made them very healthy and enthusiastic.

  1. Excellent Avenue for Meditation

In a well-orchestrated scenery and place, your thoughts and feelings can roam wild to help you make sound decisions or come up with wonderful ideas that will ultimately lead to your development and ideas. A well-decorated house has this effect on an individual. In a blog post by Leo Babauta, Mindful Simplicity, the concept of focus and concentration in a clean and beautiful environment has been well-expounded on to show just how much effect a wonderful scenery has on an individual’s mindset.

  1. Increased Productivity

According to a Princeton study by McMain S. and Kastner S. on the study of how the human mentality is wired, they realized that the focus of the human brain is boosted in a clean and calm environment. This is no different from the case at home. Having a well-decorated house can have a great effect on your productivity since you will not focus on the dullness of the colors or the dirt in the house. You will realize that you probably work best and give excellent output when in beautiful and supportive scenery, such as a wonderful and neat house.

  1. Gratified Social Confidence

There have been times where the home owner goes ahead and puts up the “property for sale” board in front of their houses when they just don’t like the vibe they get from the home. Why? A simple revamping and beautification of your rooms can be the answer to your problems. When you have a wonderful house with an excellent mix of colors to give a joyful mood, you will often have people over for lunch, parties, book clubs and so on. This will boost your social interaction skills and will ensure you have a nice repo with friends, thus boosting your confidence in return. Having a great house also reduces the anxiety of having people visit you for the first time. It may be a bit stressful at times creating a first impression to people around your circle or new friends, you are dying to have. A nicely decorated house will have you covered and this confidence you gain after having them over will surely be translated even outside your home. You will definitely be the buzz of the town! Don’t like the vibe or the feeling your house gives you? Revamp today!

Creativity and self-belief are sparked by a well-decorated home since you will have the time and the enabling environment to channel your thoughts towards what you are aspiring to do in the long run. These reasons will definitely make you consider decorating your house as a priority and not as a last resort as you had intended to!

The Importance of All Parts of a Team Working Together

Posted on March 26, 2019 in Blogging

Great teamwork means great profits

Integrated teamwork with definitive roles and proper management is a sure way of maximizing profits and increasing productivity in an organization. Teamwork brings along the aspect of unity and togetherness among the members of a firm. Being part of a team entails working to ensure that you are of as much help as possible and not a burden. Larger companies such as infrastructure construction firms tend to be better at this, but it is equally important for small businesses.  Joining a team is not tough, but maintaining that is tough and worth working towards. There are several benefits that come along with working as a team.

Enhances synergy and cooperation among the members

Teamwork fosters the interaction between members of an organization towards achieving a particular goal for the organization. The level of interaction between employees when working as a team and when working individually are very different. People tend to interact and communicate more when they are working on a job together as a way of ensuring that the output is up to standard and efficient. Teamwork forces people to be organized, in order to help their teammates out and not let them down. There are organizational development certification courses that can help people with their organization skills if they feel they lack the levels necessary to work as part of a team.

Eradicates difficulties and constraints of the work at hand

Different projects require different levels of interactions and skills. For example, managing a wind farm needs a bit more responsibility than planting flowers in a communal garden.  When working individually, you may come across a task that you find a lot of difficulty in tackling alone. It is at these moments when teamwork comes in handy. When stuck, you can get help from fellow team members or the team leader. Take for example an IT scenario where a program is being built. In case one programmer’s code is not working, help can be sought from a fellow team member to identify the source of the error and to help out. This makes work easier to do.

Why need teamwork?Champions flexibility, time efficiency, responsiveness and responsibility

Working in a team requires a lot of qualities that you need to uphold in order to maintain good relations with fellow team members. Among them are responsiblity and good communication skills. Working as a team helps develop these traits. Teamwork also facilitates fast feedback and responsiveness. Members are able to receive feedback on the work they are doing and respond to the feedback where need be. Take the programming scenario as well, developing a program can be tedious work. If you feel as though you are not developing these skills as quickly as you would like, you could undertake a training certification program in order to gain skills more quickly. Completing the whole code and finding out that you have left out an important piece of information can be frustrating. Having the work reviewed after every stage makes this easier and correcting the mistakes simpler.

Enhances equity and boosts chances of success

Meaningful bonds at the workplace are formed from teamwork. When working together, the chemistry among members of the team is enhanced, thus creating strong friendships. You will find team members going for lunch together or having other set-ups non-related to the project. Working as a team also increases the chances of a project succeeding. Owing to the rate at which feedback is given and acted upon, a project is completed at the stipulated time and very efficiently, thus qualifying it as successful.

Appeals to clients and staff members

Clients react more positively to work that has been done or is being done by a team. It is believed by many that work done in a team has much better output and more positive results. Clients in charge of projects, therefore, will opt for work done in teams other than individual jobs for quality purposes. Staff members also are more receptive to working in teams other than working individually. They take working as a team to be easier and much better since work is divided evenly, thus reducing the workload from one person.

Using Social Media for the Growth of your Gym

Posted on March 25, 2019 in Blogging

Does your gym need a little boost? Here are a few ways you can use social media to boost your gym and bring your fitness business back on the radar.

There are millions of people using Facebook right now as you are reading this not to mention Instagram and Twitter has millions of users online too. Social media is an easy yet powerful way to engage your audience and reach potential customers. Hence it becomes important to invest one’s time and efforts into the social media platform for the upkeep of a gym.
Fitness junkies are always on social media sharing their fitness challenges and the goals they have achieved that day. Use social media to your advantage and show the world your fitness business and how you stand out from the rest.


You need to let people know you are on social media. This can be done by letterbox campaign or advertisements like newspapers. It is essential to add a social media button to your website and add a call to action on your flyers and brochures. A simple call to action example is by putting your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram name on the printed collateral with some daily motivation and even a discount for signing up.

Promoting your business page

You could have 1000 followers on your facebook page, but your posts may only be reaching 20% of them,  its time to promote your posts and the discount or free item you are advertising. It doesn’t cost much to advertise on social media, and there is no long-term contract that you have to stick by.

Sharing content that matters

Reach your potential clients by writing problems that are common with body weight, fitness training and dieting and then convert them into articles that you write and advertise on your page. Have some interesting tips and facts included and even some testimonials from clients that are happy with the service you provide.

Put your brand on everything

Be sure to place your logo on your articles, videos and posts so when someone shares it people know how to get to the original source.

Continue to ask what you can help them with

Even though you are using social media, you need to go by the rules of customer service. Be polite ask how someone is before engaging in conversation about your services. Even if someone is just liking your posts or leaving comments to engage with them and ask what problems they would love to overcome and explain how you can help.

Content needs to be personal

You will capture the attention of potential clients by creating content that is personal. If someone is commenting on healthy recipes that you post send them a personal message with another recipe that you didn’t post for everyone. If someone mentions they lost weight or got through their gym session with flying colours give them a shout out, congratulate them.

Avoid trying to sell

Social media has filled with selling, but it isn’t just about that. If you come across as a seller to gain you will lose engagement from potential clients and ruin your brand. Post information to motivate the audience and explain how their problems can be solved without using words like “use my product’ “if you buy my product’. Meticulous detailing needs to be put into focusing on a promoting process after which the sales management process simply follows.

You need to take care when you are posting on social media and take the time to re-read what you have created. Does it sound boring? Does it sound like you are desperate to sell your gym memberships or products? Be active as much as you can on your site. If people see a few posts them nothing for a few weeks, they will assume your business isn’t going so good or you are not a dedicated business owner who is ready to help clients.